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Decent Engineering is one of the leading civil construction contractors, PEB manufacturer, supplier and erector of Pre-engineered and Hot-rolled building structures. It started production at year 2001 from Ajman and Dubai industrial area.  The company is managed by highly qualified and experienced personnel in the field of civil, structural steel and cladding works, ensuring the ...

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Civil Construction

Decent Engineering has vast experience on various sectors of civil, electrical, building construction, maintenance and engineering works. The company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management and implementation.DEMCC is committed to the best practices and professional integrity to ensure delivery of best quality. Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of its commercial contracting activities. These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by DEMCC.DEMCC provides number of services in the field of building construction on the national and international level such as, planning, site supervision, structural design, building physics and project monitoring.Our project management and execution activity includes:1. Excavation.2. Compaction.3. Leveling.4. Blinding Concrete.5. Frame work.6. Steel Reinforcement.7. Concrete Curing.8. Concrete.9. Backfilling.10. MEP works11. Tiles and Gypsum12. FinishingDEMCC ‘s ability to combine the right equipment with our experienced crews and project managers ensures the site is ready on time - even on an accelerated schedule.

Steel Erection

Decent Engineering erection capabilities includes all kind of steel structures such as:Warehouses and distribution centers  Office complexesSchool buildings    Airport structuresShowrooms and production facilities    Shopping centersPower plants    Oil and Gas StructuresDEMCC’s  erection teams are qualified and trained to carry out a number of projects for various companies in UAE.The erection team is guided by its engineering department to execute planned and safe erection at site. The company executes on time erection as per the schedule given by the customer. Prior to the start of erection at site, a specific erection plan with method statement is developed based on DEMCC’s erection standard in line with the contractor, project engineer and consultant’s requirements. In this process, the following elements are considered;The sequence of erection activity: Material deliveries, material segregation, storage, coordination with other trades and construction activities.Description of the cranes, equipment’s used and placement procedures: Site preparation, path for overhead loads, and critical lifts, including rigging supplies and equipment.Description of steel erection activities and procedures: Stability considerations using temporary bracing for columns, description of Columns and beams (including joists and purlins), connections, checking, and other miscellaneous steel work.Description of the fall protection procedures.Safety plan procedure.Description of the special procedures required for hazardous non-routine tasks.List of the qualified and competent persons.Description of the procedures that will be utilized in the event of rescue or emergency response.Disposable of waste material

Steel Fabrication

Web of built-up members are made of two web plate segments that are butt welded using full penetration welds. Flanges of built-up members that are made of two or more plate segments are connected by using full penetration butt welds.Built-up members are made of two flanges and one (tapered or constant depth) web that are assembled and continuously fillet welded, on one side only, in an Auto Welding Machine, using a Submerged Arc Welding process to produce semi-fabricated members. The desired lengths of hot rolled sections are achieved by cutting 12m long pieces or by perpetually welding pieces. Perpetual welds are full penetration butt welds.Hot Rolled members are cut to length and holes are punched in them or drilled using an automatic beam processor to produce semi-fabricated members. Semi-fabricated built-up or hot rolled members are then fitted with end plates, stiffener plates, gusset plates etc. (as required) and then manually welded to produce fabricated members.Cleaning & PaintingFabricated built-up and hot rolled members are shot blasted to Swedish Standard up to Sa 2.5 all built-up and hot rolled sections are painted Epoxy, Alkyd, PVDF or Galvanized as per customer specification. Surface preparation (Sa 2.5) typically specified for high performance coating for conditions like chemical spills and fumes, high humidity and proximity to salt water.

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