Roof System

Curved roof provides with an aesthetic appearance to the exterior and interior of the building.

The existence of concrete wall as support to the roof system results as cost effective solution. Furthermore, the client achieves a greater working space. However, clients will face limitations on the span of the building.

Lean-to and Car Canopies

The structures of lean-to and car canopies can be manufactured using hot-rolled or built-up sections. As the name suggests, lean-to structures need a support structure for the construction. These building enrichments are perfect for expansions of buildings or vehicle parking.

Roof Layout with Bracings

Roof Monitor

Large ventilations and lighting necessities are contributed by continuous roof monitors. Light weight components are used to manufacture the roof monitors which is cost effective in providing ventilation and natural light system with aesthetics.

Curved Eave

Curved eave depicts sophisticated appearance to the building. A building which is situated in high rainfall with wider width uses curved eave with gutter to drain and collect the rainwater from interior of the building. However, small buildings are suggested to have simple curved eave without gutter. Projected curved eaves depict a more elegant architectural aesthetics.

Sheeting System

We offer various sheeting system profile to best suit the structural, architectural, thermal lighting and corrosive conditions. Additionally, the wide variety of corrugation spacing, thickness and materials will match the structural constraints which are available.
The architectural requirements are respected and we try to cater to clients’ needs in accordance to the building and design codes. The requirements could be an extension from flat panels to corrugations with a variety of finishes. However, this may affect the cost and delivery of the project depending on the availability and intricacy of materials.
There is a wide range of selection in terms of thermal insulation such as glass wool or rock wool with a vapour barrier, or with polyurethane injected sandwich panels. We provide a wide range of assortments from linear selections varying from simple aluminum lining to congregated metal sheets.

Profile Types

GRP translucent sheets cater the requirements for lighting which are durable by resisting UV. Finally, the shape, surface and thickness are modified to harmonise with the other components and constraints.