DEMCC erection capabilities include all kind of steel structures such as:

  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Office complexes
  • School buildings
  • Airport structures
  • Showrooms and production facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Power plants
  • Oil and gas structures

DEMCC’s erection team has been trained and qualified to accomplish a number of successful
projects in various companies situated in the UAE. The erection team is under the guidance of the engineering management for strategic execution of the erection projects effectively. The projects are completed timely as per the scheduled timeframe in accordance with the client’s preferences. Prior to the execution of an erection project on site, a method statement comprising of a specific erection plan is established with the consultants, contractors and other necessary personnel.

In this process the following essentials are considered:
• The erection activity’s sequence: the harmonized coordination between construction activities and relatable trades for material deliveries; material segregation and storage.

• Characteristics of the cranes, equipment’s used and procedures assignments: preparation of the site; consideration of overhead loads; and critical lifts, including rigging equipment.

• Depiction of the steel erection operations.
• Provisional bracing for columns in considerations with stability
• Characteristics of columns, beams (joist and purlins), connections, decking and other assorted steel works
• Description of safety measures
• Description of safety plan techniques.
• Acknowledgment of special measures required to adopt in case of hazardous non-routine tasks.
• Registry of qualified and competent personnel.
• Description of the measures that will be applied in response to emergency situations.
• Disposal of waste material.