Hot Rolled Structure

Industrial Structures

Its design capacity, substantial resources, considerable output, commitment to service make DEMCC a choice supplier for large industrial and commercial projects. The engineering, planning, manufacturing and delivery facility of DEMCC are good enough to undertake major projects in an effective and competitive manner. As structural steel manufacturer, DEMCC can engineer and manufacture any complex structures and buildings. Tekla structure software has been employed for modeling and generating shop drawing for all complex structures

Main & End Wall Structure

Mono Slop & Crane

Main Frame - Multi-Span

Mezzanine Structure with Decking

Steel Deck Slab

The floor system consists of concrete supported on steel decking sheet which is resting on composite or non-composite joists and beams. For composite joists and beams, shear stud connectors can be field welded through decking or shop welded with decking pre-punched. The steel beams have the flexibility to allow penetrations within the web depth to allow services to pass through by providing web openings.


Steel Staircase Elevation