Building Subsystems

Sheeting System
DEMCC offers Various profile to suit structural, architectural, thermal lighting and corrosive circumstances. Structural constraints are satisfied by the range of corrugation spacing, thickness and materials available from or through DEMCC. The architectural requirements are met by the choice of shapes and sizes on offer. 

These extend from flat panels to deep corrugations, in natural finish or in a choice of colors which can be varied at will, although this may affect cost or delivery or both. The thermal insulation whenever required is ensured by a selection of means such as glass wool or rockwool with a vapour barrier, or with polyurethane - injected sandwich panels. Here again, DEMCC offers a broad assortment of liner options, from mere aluminum lining to corrugated metal sheets.

Translucent Sheet
Lighting requirements are met with the supply of GRP translucent sheets. The GRP are UV resistant for durability. The shape, surface and thickness are adjusted to match all other constraints.